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What is Lumen

The Lumen Wheatbelt Regional University Centre provides free one on one support and facilities to undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma or advanced diploma students to enable greater participation in higher education and to facilitate higher completion rates within the Wheatbelt communities.

The mini study hubs provide students with access to –

  • Support from a local Student Support Officer
  • High-speed internet
  • A meeting room
  • Computers
  • Printing
  • Assistance to source student placement positions (*Depending on course studied)

Lumen Reference Group

This group of volunteers is Chaired by a Regional Development Australia (RDA) Wheatbelt Member. Members represent community, industry partners, the university sector, finance/business sector and local government. We see this as an interim group to establish start up governance and strategy and determine the make-up of an ongoing governance oversight group. The RDA Wheatbelt Director Regional Development provides advice to the Reference Group but is not a voting member of the group.         

The Lumen WRUC Reference Group Members are active contributors to a diverse organisation of individuals working in a complex environment to deliver high value outcomes for the community and the region. Members leverage existing networks and develop new networks across industry sectors and are required to support the Chair to deliver the Lumen WRUC program.

The Group needs to be knowledgeable about the economic, social, cultural and environmental opportunities and challenges facing this program; be well connected and a strong advocate for their community; and draw their community together to deliver successful outcomes. Members are required to actively support committee governance and management processes.

For more information on the Lumen WRUC Reference Group please contact

RDA Wheatbelt Inc

RDA Wheatbelt
Australian Government Initiative

Regional Development Australia (RDA) is a national initiative which seeks to grow and strengthen the regions of Australia. Comprising 53 Committees, the RDA network covers metropolitan, rural and remote regions across the country. RDA Committees are strong advocates for their region and drivers of change and, as such, have a pivotal role in fostering regional economic development.

The RDA network strengthens partnership across all three tiers of government, regional business and the wider community to boost the economic capability and performance of regions. RDA Committees are active in promoting Australian Government programs and shepherding communities towards appropriate funding sources that will assist projects that work towards economic development

The role of RDA Wheatbelt is to support the 42 Local Governments, stakeholders and our broader community across all regional activities including transport, health, aged / disability care, infrastructure, agriculture, small business, education etc.

Connecting people with people, opportunities with solutions, ideas with implementation we –

  • Provide funding application assistance with data, relevance, legitimacy and criteria compliance.
  • Match projects to possible funding streams to improve the project’s potential to proceed and succeed.
  • Partner with small business to leverage opportunities to secure Government funding and to participate in initiatives, such as the Lumen WRUC.
  • Exchange information and network through eNewsletters, direct emails, Twitter, and by participating in relevant activities.
  • Provide information on Wheatbelt issues and opportunities to Australian Government Ministers and Departments.

RDA Wheatbelt is the organisation that successfully applied for the Regional Universities Centre funding to deliver the Lumen WRUC program.

For more information, please visit the RDA Wheatbelt website rdawheatbelt.com.au or email

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