Lumen Wheatbelt Regional University Study Hubs

RDA Wheatbelt

The RDA network strengthens partnership across all three tiers of government, regional business and the wider community to boost the economic capability and performance of regions. RDA committees are active in promoting Australian Government programs and shepherding communities towards appropriate funding sources that will assist projects that work towards economic growth.

The role of RDA Wheatbelt is to support the 42 Local Governments, stakeholders and the broader community across all regional activities including transport, health, aged/disability care, infrastructure, agriculture, small business, education, and more. The RDA Wheatbelt:

  • Provide funding application assistance with data, relevance, legitimacy and criteria compliance.
  • Match projects to possible funding streams to improve the project’s potential to proceed and succeed.
  • Partner with small business to leverage opportunities to secure Government funding and to participate in initiatives, such as the Lumen Wheatbelt Study Hubs.
  • Exchange information and network through newsletters, direct emails, social media, and by participating in relevant activities.
  • Provide information on Wheatbelt issues and opportunities to Australian Government Ministers and Departments.

For more information, please visit the RDA Wheatbelt website or email