Lumen Wheatbelt Regional University Study Hubs

Lumen Wheatbelt Reference Group

This group of volunteers is chaired by a Regional Development Australia (RDA) Wheatbelt member. Members represent community, industry partners, the university sector, finance/business sector and local government. This is an interim group to establish start up governance and strategy and determine the make-up of an ongoing governance oversight group.


The Lumen Wheatbelt Regional Study Hubs Reference Group members work to deliver high value outcomes for the community and the region. Members leverage existing networks and develop new networks across industry sectors and are required to support the Chair to deliver the Lumen Wheatbelt Study Hubs program.

Wendy Newman


Karen Strange

Deputy Chair

Jacquie Hutchinson

Reference Group Member

Fiona Haslam McKenzie

Reference Group Member

Dee Ridgway

Reference Group Member