Lumen Wheatbelt Regional University Centre

Regional University Centres provide students in regional and remote areas access to higher education without having to leave their community.

They offer in person student support and campus-style facilities for students who study online.

Supported by the Australian Government through the Regional University Centres Program

The Lumen Wheatbelt Regional University Centre

Wheatbelt Uni

The Wheatbelt region of Western Australia is unique in that there is not one central location in which one Regional University Centre (RUC) can be established that provides equitable access to all students across the region.

The Wheatbelt model is an overarching virtual campus with mini study hubs to support diversity, equity of access and participation of students with improved student outcomes.

Four mini study hubs have been set up in Merredin, Narrogin, Wongan Hills, and York. The rationale for this is that these locations have suitable facilities, support from local stakeholders for student placements, a geographic balance, have higher numbers of students currently studying and have been supported by recent studies.

Each mini study hub will have a dedicated study room with computers and printer, access to meeting rooms and facilities where students can meet with like minded students and have access to a support network.

A Director oversees the operations of the Lumen Wheatbelt Regional University Centre (Lumen WRUC) and each hub has a part time Student Support Officer to provide help and support to students navigating University life.

ANYONE from ANY Australian University or studying undergraduate, postgraduate courses or diploma or advanced diploma courses are entitled to access the FREE services through the Lumen WRUC.