Lumen Wheatbelt Regional University Study Hubs

WA Regional Higher Education Exchange

RUSH Exchange Team

On March 21 and 22, 2024, Curtin University, in collaboration with ACSES, hosted the WA Regional Higher Education Exchange. Lumen Wheatbelt Regional University Study Hubs attended the event alongside Geraldton University Centre, Pilbara Kimberly University Centre, and Great Southern University Centre. Lumen Student Support Officers travelled from Merredin, Narrogin, Wongan Hills and York to attend the two-day event.

Lumen staff were excited to workshop with Curtin University staff on the first day to better understand the needs and potential of both organisations to work together to support regional, rural and remote students. A day packed full of brainstorming and problem solving left our minds churning with ideas on how to better reach Curtin’s students in the Wheatbelt and hopes for courses to be better aimed towards online learning.

The next day we heard from key guests and speakers including the Western Australian Minister for Education Tony Buti, Executive Director of ASCES Shamit Saggar as well as representatives from Curtin, ECU, Murdoch and UWA. The Regional University Study Hubs presented and explained their centres and the impacts they can have on their communities. Our Student Support Officer Rain presented alongside Karen from Reginal Development Australia Wheatbelt, explaining the structure of communities throughout the Wheatbelt and Lumen’s unique four hubs structure aimed to better target the Wheatbelt as a whole, rather than one town or centre.

The RUSH event was a great opportunity to talk with key stakeholders about the challenges faced by regional and remote communities, and how best to support education opportunities and those studying within these communities. It was fabulous so see so many passionate people talking about improving regional education and Lumen looks forward to working with many of them in the future.