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Evoke Ag

Evoke Ag

Three Lumen students won the opportunity to attend the Evoke Ag conference in Perth on 20 and 21 February, fully sponsored by Regional Development Australia Wheatbelt, Wheatbelt Development Commission, and Lumen.

Read what our students have learned:

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“A big emphasis on working and growing together, collaborating and communicating. Diversity and unity: different perspectives with a shared vision. Some people are more interested in a healthy planet, some people more interested in the financial bottom line, but without financial sustainability the farmers can’t support their families and without the environmental sustainability resources will be depleted.
There is no waste – everything has value, sometimes it is just a scale issue. I found Olympia Yarger very inspiring. Olympia started Goterra, a company that farms insects for high-protein feed and converts food waste into fertiliser products.”


“How our produce here in Western Australia can stay on shore and be used locally to produce sustainable products such as biofuels.
Moving forward in the agricultural industry, there is going to be a lot more incorporation of AI and certain technologies; although this may seem daunting, it’s in the industry’s best interest to achieve sustainable farming for the future generations to come. This has changed my perspective on my approach to learning about these new practices, knowing that farming is for the future and not just the present.”


“I got to meet some really innovative people working in the agricultural industry. They are constantly thinking outside the box to come up with new solutions to tackle industry challenges. The event also served as a great reminder that Australia is a leader in technology and innovation.
The Great Exchange talk was inspirational and highlighted that Australian farmers and the agriculture industry are extremely good at what it does, but we are very modest and rarely boast about the achievements and hard work done in the industry. With a “we do alright” attitude, the industry often looks offshore for innovations, but in reality, we do better than alright and we need to start advocating that loudly to attract investments into innovations here in Australia.”
Thank you, Wheatbelt Development Commission, and Regional Development Australia Wheatbelt, for partnering with us to provide our students with this unique and inspiring opportunity!